Hearts & Crosses

What does luxury mean in the world of wellness?

When people think of luxury, health is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. But if we’re willing to invest in luxury handbags, cars and holidays – it makes sense to invest in the highest quality health and wellness products as well.

So what makes a luxury product? For Hearts & Crosses, luxury means two things – personalisation and quality.

We believe in the importance of individualisation when it comes to wellness. No two people are the same, and nor should any two supplements. Each supplement we hand-craft for your Vitamin Ritual subscription is designed with your personal needs and health goals in mind. These needs are ascertained through a survey designed by our accredited dietitian Joanne Guy, resulting in your bespoke, personalised supplement.

Hearts & Crosses also believe in the importance of using the highest quality ingredients. That’s why we only source premium ingredients from recognised suppliers after we research their credibility and investigate their Certificate of Analysis. Our products are hand-crafted with care in our state of the art laboratory by our qualified pharmacists, with over 20 years of combined expertise in pharmacy.

We want you to take comfort in knowing that each product has been made with great care, guided by your specific wellness needs. Hearts & Crosses is wellness your way.

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