Hearts & Crosses

Bespoke supplements

No two people are the same, so why are the supplements we take made with a ‘one-size-
fits-all’ approach? Off the shelf supplements are designed to suit a broad range of people
with wide-ranging health and wellness concerns, and often the long list of ingredients
includes vitamins and minerals that you are already taking in through your diet. This
ultimately means much of the product is not absorbed by your body. So why pay for
something your body does not need?

At Hearts & Crosses we believe supplements should be tailored with your specific needs in
mind, with the aim of improving your individual lifestyle, making you the best possible
version of yourself. This bespoke approach to wellness is one of the key pillars behind
Hearts & Crosses philosophy – wellness your way.

Following completion of our survey crafted by Accredited Dietitian Joanne Guy, Hearts &
Crosses will uncover the vitamins and minerals your body needs to get the most out of each
day, achieve your wellness goals and address some of your health concerns.

Your individually tailored supplement is then hand crafted by our expert pharmacists and
delivered to your door. It’s hassle free wellness, designed just for you.

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