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I cannot thank you and Hearts + Crosses enough for agreeing to sponsor me in the 2017 Indian Pacific Wheel Race.

Not only did your philosophy and approach to health and quality resonate really well with my 'ordinary people doing extraordinary things' motivation for entering the first Australian solo, unsupported transcontinental road race, but also your personally-customised product allowed me to achieve a position of 20th out of 71 starters in a world class endurance cycling event.

And I never even had even a niggle during all 4,000 kms of racing!

I found myself able to sustain an average of just under 300 km per day over 14 days. And days of 374 kilometres and days of 20 and 21 hours in the saddle were all comfortably achieved. Well - not everything was comfortable, but I digress.


By using Hearts + Crosses customised electrolytes each day, I was able to 'tick' the electrolytes box and simply not have to worry about that aspect of my race preparation again. Believe me, there were enough other things to worry about during the race. Like unpredictable kangaroos. And drivers texting whilst operating a motor vehicle at over 100 km/h.

Thank you so much for the support. And for believing in me. It made a massive difference to what I was able to achieve.

(The Dark Knight)

Image: H.Ryan

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