Iron Deficiency

Iron Me Up!™

Iron Me Up!™ is an innovative high dose and slow release iron supplement designed to quickly boost the body's iron levels whilst minimising digestive side effects such as constipation, nausea and bloating.

Oral iron supplementation is challenging because iron is difficult to absorb, and simply increasing the amount of iron causes it to build up in the digestive system and resulting in side effects such as constipation and bloating. Most importantly, not all forms of iron are the same!

In contrast to standard iron supplements, Iron Me Up!™ features a large dose of Ferrochel®, one of the most highly absorbed forms of iron available today. In addition, Iron Me Up! releases the dose slowly so the body has more chance of absorbing it. Higher absorption is great for boosting iron levels as well as minimising side effects.

Iron Me Up!™ also includes vitamin C, activated vitamin B12 and activated folate to further assist in absorption and assisting the body to use the iron to build red blood cells.

In a case study, we were able to observe an increase to ferritin levels from 11 to 30 in just two weeks.

Product Details

To boost iron levels, take two capsules daily with food. To maintain iron levels, take one capsule daily with food. Avoid tannin containing beverages (eg. tea or coffee) within two hours.

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Free from gluten containing cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats and their hybrid strains)

Lactose free


Iron bisglycinate (Ferrochel®) 250mg, Calcium ascorbate (low acid vitamin C) 100mg, Methylcobalamin (activated vitamin B12) 100mcg, 5-MTHF (activated folic acid) 100mcg, Excipients for slow release capsules

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