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Disulfiram 100mg oral capsules

Compounded oral capsules containing 100mg of Disulfiram (USP grade) per capsule.

Disulfiram is available commercially on prescription as Antabuse® 200mg tablets. This compounded preparation seeks to be a direct alternative to the commercially manufactured product for situations where the commercially manufactured product is not available and/or the commercially manufactured product is not suitable.

Customers should seek to fill their prescription using the commercially available product first at their local Pharmacy before choosing this compounded preparation.

This formulation contains excipients designed to optimise the absorption of poorly soluble active ingredients and delivers the active ingredient in an immediate release characteristic. This blend is both gluten and lactose free. For specific allergy concerns, please contact us with your requirements.

As per our standard protocol, the default formulation does not contain colouring and are encapsulated in clear vegetable capsules. For identification purposes, colouring can be added to both the powder blend or the capsules themselves upon request. Learn more about this here.

Product Details

To be taken orally according to prescribed directions

A valid Australian prescription is required

Size #0 clear vegetable capsules Learn

Lactose free

Free from gluten containing cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats and their hybrid strains)


Disulfiram USP 100mg, Excipients blend for poorly soluble active ingredients

A Prescription is required to purchase this medication. If you have been prescribed this medication by an Australian Doctor, simply click the button below and follow the prompts to check out.
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