A big thank you to the following individuals and organisations, without whom, Hearts and Crosses will not be possible. (In no particular order)

Branding and Graphic Design

Crew at Swear Words (
Scott Larritt
Tom Clayton
Audrey Mailhot

Marketing and Public Relations

Crew at Hatching Communications (
Sonia Rendigs
Lucy Gallagher
Jessica Williams
Alexis Lalios

Crew at Brand Amplified (
Belinda Wall

Professional Collaborations

Jo Guy, Accredited Practiticing Dietitian

Web Development

UI and Graphic Design

Swear Words

UX, UI and Frontend functionality

Johnson Zhou (Hearts and Crosses)

Backend functionality

James Rickard (
Gabriel Read (


Crew at Hart & Co (
Mark Roper
Emily Ward

Crew at Hell Studios (
Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

Mia Mala McDonald (